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Other Services

Graveside Services

As named; is simply a gathering of family and friends at the cemetery for the burial of casketed remains or cremains in an urn. Usually the minister of choice has prayers with the family. There are no services at a church or chapel and may be less expensive.

Immediate Earth Burial would fall into this area of services. Very simple in nature and often less costly.

Human Services/Medicaid

For those families who become involved with Human Services and Medicaid. Fulkerson Stevenson provides guidance for funeral planning and financial preparedness so the client family can continue to receive needed benefits during life. We encourage you to meet with the funeral director the same time you are making application for Medicaid benefits. Contact Us.

Body Donation/Organ Donation

Fulkerson Stevenson Funeral Home provides services for organ and tissue donation, along with body donation through the University of North Dakota School of Medicine for those choosing this option. All of the current licensed staff members are trained and certified in eye-enucleations.

The "Gift of Life" is a family choice and one that is supported by the staff of Fulkerson Funeral Home.

Death Away From Home

In our mobile society, death can and does occur away from home. Family survivors are encouraged to simply call home to Fulkerson Stevenson Funeral Home 701-572-6329 or 406-488-2805 day or night. We can’t think of a time where you would be better served than at a time like this.

Our caring staff will take care of all the necessary details in bringing your loved one home. It is generally less expensive for you if you allow us to make all the arrangements. Fulkerson Funeral Home has at their fingertips a network of funeral professionals all around the world that will help us help you if this experience happens.

We encourage you to come by the office anytime to get a free business card for your wallet so you always have our phone number close in case something happens when you least expect it.

It is wise, if you are a traveler, to especially consider pre-arrangements at the funeral home prior to your travels so we have access to your vital statistics information if death were to occur. This will help us to assure we can return your loved one home in a timely manner.

Child/Special Service

The death of a child is one of life’s most difficult experiences for any parents and Fulkerson’s caring staff is trained and experienced in providing comfort and support for you and your baby. Garden of Angels and Mercy Hospital fetus burial sites are areas within our own Riverview Cemetery in Williston that have evolved from the need for someplace special for our little ones. This area is often chosen when families face these difficulties.

Military Services

Fulkerson Stevenson Funeral Home has long been a supporter of our local veterans and their organizations and can incorporate a fitting Military Honor Guard for all departed veterans. Mr. Robert Evans (Williams County) and Mr. Jerry Samuelson (McKenzie County) are our local veterans officers and great resources to our area veterans.

North Dakota veterans may choose to be buried at the Veterans Cemetery at Mandan, ND or in Ft. Snelling National Veterans Cemetery. Fulkerson’s has experience with "Burial at Sea" as well. Plan-Ahead Contact Us.

Holiday Memorial Services

The holidays, special days, and anniversaries of the death are very trying times for a grieving family and Fulkerson Stevenson is aware of this. For many years families have found support and comfort in the annual “Christmas Tree of Remembrance” service hosted by the funeral home in early December.

Monument Services

Fulkerson Stevenson Funeral Home has been an area provider of monuments and grave markers since their beginning. We pride ourselves on the multitude of choices available today in the area of granite, marble and bronze. We have secured a very talented artist/designer for our monument work and one of the best available in monument "Shaped Carved" engraving. Fulkerson’s always extends an Unconditional Certificate of Guarantee with each monument they provide.

Contact us for your monument needs. Price Competitive!

Existing monuments may need additional work in time; resetting, re-leveling, added engraving, vases, and photos can be added to an already placed monument.